AI DDoS Protection System

AI DDoS Protection System, is a software package for the detection of DDoS attacks and their subsequent treatment. AI DDoS Protection System will help to ensure maximum availability of your network and eliminate any disruptions caused by DoS/DDoS attacks. The installable format allows to be deployed in a heterogeneous set of platforms providing support for a broad multi vendor hardware equipment and capability for flexible and customized installations.


  • Fast Deployment. Disparately fast deployment of DDoS protection system – 10 minutes to start. Just download, install and get prompt safety.
  • Short response time. Immediate detection of DoS/DDoS attack in 1-2 seconds, and immediate mitigation.
  • Multivendor compatibility. DPS is developed for and tested on all popular core network equipment, such as Alcatel Lucent, Juniper Networks, Cisco, Huawei etc.
  • Advanced WEB GUI. Web application offers single-point DPS management, network monitoring and reporting of data received from Collector, Explorer and Filters deployed within the network.
  • Premium Support. All support inquiries are answered by experienced engineers. Terabit DPS Professional Support with SLA 24×5, 24×7, 24×365.
  • Affordable on Premise Anti-DDoS. The most cost-effective on-premise DDoS mitigation solution on the market! Annual subscriptions include free support and upgrades.
  • Clustering. Clustering option for performance and redundancy. Sflow capture – up to 10Tbps (1Tbps per server), traffic mirroring – up to 6.4Tbps (40Gbps per server).
  • Support flowspec. Destination Prefix, Source Prefix, IP Protocol, Source or Destination Port, Destination Port, Source Port, ICMP Type, ICMP Code, TCP flags, Packet length, DSCP, Fragment Encoding.
  • Support geographically distributed networks. We use new generation teraflow agent optimized to near zero second DDoS detection.


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