Automated Credit System

SoftOne Loan solution comprises the loan management system Loan Workbench and additional modules (Analytics Module, Bird Module, ProOne Module) which expand its functionality. The whole software package fully automates the activities of the Front Office and Middle Office. Our products are easily integrated with any of the customer’s software (core banking, credit agencies, accounting systems, etc).

Loan Module

The system encompassing the entire lending process from the client’s first application followed by customer’s service and up to termination of the contract. Loan Module provides a solution for all tasks related to corporate and consumer lending, as well as lending of small and medium businesses. The basic product offers a wide range of standard, most sought-after functional features. This solution is suitable for companies of any size with unlimited number of active transactions and users.

Bird Module

Birds main task is to reduce the risks of companies working with different kinds of debts. Bird turns working with debtors into easy, effective and goal-oriented process. A detailed history of inter- actions is saved and accessible at all stages (Soft, Hard, Legal, etc) of communication with the “for getful clients”. It ensures full control and correct evaluation of the current situation, helping to make the right decision about every single client. Bird can be provided as a part of Loan Module, as well as a standalone application.

Analytics Module

This is an indispensable assistant of managers and analysts designed to provide a visual representation of work results and analysis of the company’s current activity. Analytics Module provides quick access to the main key figures characterizing work results. If necessary, more detailed data can be obtained on every key figure. Performance analysis of new business directions, existing loan portfolio, client segments, cash flows – these are only a few of the things Analytics Module can do.

Our Advantages

  • Comprehensive standard functionality: dozens of ready-to-use customizable modules; ​- The short implementation timelines;
  • Maximal adaptability to the customer’s business processes;
  • Full openness to integration with her systems;
  • No hidden license payments to third-party software providers; ​
  • Scalability with minimal costs;
  • Highly intuitive user interface;
  • Minimal system administration costs;
  • Regional localization and multi-language support;
  • Compatible with different OS(Windows, Linux, OSX);
  • Support of any relational databases(MicrosoftSQLServer, Oracle, Postgres, MySQL, etc.);
  • Work through the slow communication channels, including GPRS;
  • High performance: the day-end closing for 900,000 loans takes less than 30 minutes on the equipment that costs less than $5k.


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Automated Credit System

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