Enterprise resource management system

SoftOne proposes building an enterprise resource management system based on Odoo. Odoo is a modular system and consists of more than 200 applications that solve problems of a different nature, from sales management to website builder.


  • Sales management (CRM, Sales, Invoicing, Point of Sale).
  • CMS system (Web site builder, Интернет-магазин, Q&A Forum, Blogs, Slides, Live Chat).
  • Operating activities (Manufacturing, Purchase, Inventory, Human Resources, MRP, HelpDesk, Recruitment, Employees, Expenses, Appraisal, etc.).



  • Inspection of Customer’s processes, formation of a project team.
  • Development of technical specifications, documenting requirements for the implementation project.
  • Install and configure Odoo.
  • Modification and customization of modules.
  • Preparing users for working with ERP.
  • Trial implementation, error accounting.
  • Data transfer, launch of new processes.
  • Technical support according to SLA

IT Enterprise

Enterprise resource management system

Enterprise Resource Management System. Reducing the cost of routine operations up to 40%. Integrated accounting, planning and control. Finalization of the program for a specific business.

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