Intellectual Security System

SoftOne offers a complex system of monitoring and access control. Access control integrated with intellectual video-surveillance for monitoring the perimeter and internal areas of the sites and allows access only to authorized personnel. A mix of standard and thermal cameras, to detect fires or loss of flammable substances.





Integrated system security mode objects

  • Perimeter monitoring, up to 100 km in length
  • One remote control
  • Localization of the violation with an accuracy of 20 m
  • All-weather operation mode 24/7

Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems

  • Requires no power to the sensor in the field
  • Very high rates of detection (typically >95%)
  • False alarm rate (typically <5%)
  • Protect perimeters up to 50km in length with a single controller
  • Locates an intrusion to within 50-100m for a zoned system and ±10 meters for a locating system

Fiber Optic Pipeline Monitoring and Security Systems

Used for early detection and location of leaks, geohazards

  • Monitoring systems for Onshore pipelines
  • Monitoring systems for Offshore pipelines
  • Riser Integrity Monitoring solutions
  • Downhole Wireline Monitoring solutions

Access control and management

  • Access control over a given territory through
  • Passage points: doors, gates, gears
  • Identification of the passage of employees and visitors
  • Accounting of working hours

Intelligent video surveillance system

  • Detection and notification of the occurrence of unwanted events: the movement of a person/vehicle in a certain area; congestion, idle talk of people; abandoned items
  • Recognition of persons and license plates of vehicles
  • Integration with security and access control systems

Oli & Gas

SCADA System

SoftOne SCADA Solutions help streamline and integrate dispersed assets across the oil and gas wellpad, pipeline and terminal markets.

LNG Terminal

Maximize throughput with efficient scheduling and inventory management utilizing real-time communication with customers.

SAP Products

SAP IS OIL is the leading integrated solution for the entire value-added chain of the oil and gas industry

Industrial IoT

SoftOne IIoT is an open-source Industrial IoT platform (Digital Twins Eclipse Ditto+ IoT Integration + Industrial IIoT Bosch, Siemens Solutions).

SoftOne ERP System

SoftOne ERP System - a system focused on the integrated automation of industrial enterprises

GAS Station Software

Gas station software tracks sales of fuel products, purchases of fuel, store products , store products, lottery, tobacco, alcohol, and more

Intellectual Security System

Technological systems of monitoring and access control for hazardous and industrial areas

Custom Software Development

SoftOne Corp a Microsoft and Oracle certified partner is a OIG technology