Machine Learning Automation

Machine Learning is the best way to grow a FinTech company. In lending, security, payment systems, insurance, compliance, and other fintech sectors, innovative analytics are essential to success.

SoftOne provides solutions for users of all skill levels to produce accurate predictions in a fraction of the time needed using conventional tools and methods. To leverage the most innovative techniques, SoftOne uses open source tools like Apache Spark, Python, R, TensorFlow, and XGboost.

  • Customer Segmentation
    Build predictive models to know your customers better. With help of machine learning methods we analyze your customers behaviour to determine their loyalty and to prevent them from churning.
  • Fraud Detection
    Apply predictive models and anomaly detection models to your data to detect, identify and prevent fraudulent actions. The solutions created can analyze historical transaction data to build a model that can detect fraudulent patterns.
  • Information Extraction
    It involves extraction from Web content like articles, publications, documents, financial articles and news, relative contents in different languages and social media to create relative reports and assess their impacts using natural language processing methods, e.g. sentiment and intelligent specifications on a stock.
  • Risk Management
    Estimate portfolio risk and return using machine learning methods, predict portfolio risk appetite with lower estimate error and high accuracy.
  • Insurance Underwriting
    Evaluation of risk and exposure of potential customers, e.g. how reliable a person or an application is!
  • Trading Algorithms
    Machine learning is used in creating algorithms for trading decisions. Algorithmic trading, also called high-frequency trading, is the use of automated systems to identify true signals among the massive amounts of data that capture the underlying stock market dynamics. Machine learning provides powerful tools to extract patterns from the seemingly market trends.
  • Customer Service
    Financial companies can reduce their customer supports workload by having the bot to answer the FAQ’s and other queries. Also, the bot would be able to handle millions of queries at the same time and that too working 365 days a year. Therefore chatbots provide a good opportunity for small companies reduce their expenses and help in the growth of revenue of the company.


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Machine Learning Automation

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