Mobile Internet Banking Platform

SoftOne Mobile Banking Platform is a software architectural solution purposed to provide bank clients with a set of electronic channels (omni-channel) to perform bank operations, get information and so on.

The solution provides unified (device-independent) environment for a client, unified administration and content management, unified monitoring and security, reporting across all channels.

SoftOne Mobile Banking Platform has open interfaces and is adopted for quick modifications and extension. The platform allows easy integration of third-party components (widgets, business process handlers etc), provides a number of interfaces for bank employees to modify content and so on.


  • The wallet provide various types of financial services (via smartphone app, website, USSD channels and API).
  • Payments, all type of financial transactions with their reversal like (utility/bill/merchants payments, rent collection, state payments, charity, etc.).
  • Unlimited TPS.
  • Transaction description availability.
  • Transfers (P2P, P2B, B2P, P2C, C2P and others), other banks involved.
  • Agency/Branchless Banking: Agent network management, commission management, fee sharing, cash and cash out, utility payments, and other financial services.
  • Web based System GUI/API Interface for Call Center, IT/Security administration, Business/Operation users, Agents and Partners.
  • GUI/API Interface to agents and partners: Smartphone app (Android and iOS).
  • Remittances (National and International) with the help of remittance partners.
  • E/M-commerce mobile wallet and credit / debit-based merchant payments for goods and services rendered, PA DSS and PCI-DSS Compliant.
  • Payment/E Commerce aggregator.
  • Micro Credit provision: including loan repayments.
  • Corporate Payrolls.
  • Banking services, including Card/account linkage.
  • Integration with (Middleware, CBS & third party systems for linking and transaction processing).
  • Bulk payments, Bulk registrations (including data change, e-wallets blocking/unblocking, e-wallets closing).
  • Donation/Group collection transaction processing.
  • QR code based transaction processing.
  • Stand-In instructions.
  • Back-Office Automation including Reconciliation, settlement(partners and agent management).
  • Risk/Fraud management and monitoring system.
  • Limit management.
  • Load balancing & transaction queue processing.
  • Interfacing with social network & messenger like (Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Telegram but not limited).
  • AML processing.
  • PIN generation/PIN management with opportunity to have different options of PIN/password generation methods for different e-wallets’ types.
  • Loyalty management.
  • Integration with other systems (IPC processing centers, money transfer systems, etc.).
  • Reporting (statistics, transaction history, reports for backend, agent/partner and end customer). Flexibility to add/del/modify report by bank.
  • Open API architecture to connect with third parties with ease.
  • Security, Scalability and Configurability- Vendor to provide details on these three key points with certificates, client references, and current deployments they have with other banks/customers.
  • User friendly interface for backend.
  • SMS GW (Pull & Push notification), Email for customer and Back Office.
  • Migration scope from existing environment to new environment.
  • Customer registration through other channels, like: I-Bank, Payment Terminal, Web-Site, etc.
  • Transaction processing with unique system generated reference number and acceptation of unique external ID from third-party system.
  • System high availability functionality.
  • Disaster Recovery capability (Replication and auto-switching in case of Main site failure).
  • Scalable and User-friendly architecture to add/remove technical resources easily.
  • Parameter based individual/product level registration limitation.


  • We incorporate innovations in our products and guarantee use of high tech, sophisticated tools as well as advanced project management techniques.
  • SoftOne specialists provide service at all stages of the software development and satisfy all customer demands.
  • “In-source” option be available for clients -it means that the platform can be provided with full source codes and documentation.
  • Making use of biometric technologies like Touch ID and Face ID for iOS, as well as Fingerprint for Android, we enable users to sign in to application or confirm operations not only with a permanent or one-time password, but also using face or fingerprint recognition.
  • Siri personal assistant will inform about current account balance, amount and date of the next loan payment or help to quickly lock a payment card.
  • Our solutions that allow performing classic banking operations using self-service terminals.
  • An intuitive user interface for our terminals that insures a comfortable and fast usage.


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