Resource Inventory

Accounting and Management System (telecommunications equipment, office devices, etc.).


  • Complete and updated view of the enterprise equipment, which increases the efficiency and performance of the software processes
  • Centralized storage infrastructure to provide information about available resources, resource reservation other information systems – reducing operational costs
  • Versatility, which allows you to work with the resources of any manufacturer
  • “Discovering” feature allows you to automatically poll the active equipment and maintain the topology of network devices


  • Institution and storage resources
  • Loading resources from external sources
  • Accounting for resources and their employment (resource status)
  • Maintaining Resource Classification (manufacturers, models, types, etc.)
  • Maintaining sites (locations), display of coordinates on a map
  • Bind resources to the locations (including in branches, sites, and platforms)
  • Poll configuration of your hardware (QoS, ACL, Policy, etc.)
  • Survey equipment for the enrichment of the resource data (discovery)
  • Import / export of resources (synchronization with external systems)
  • Accounting for technical capability, detecting the presence of available resources
  • Provides external interface for performing operations over resources, as well as viewing and selecting criterion resources
  • Logging Resource Operations
  • Formation of reports on the use of resources


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Resource Inventory

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