SAP Products

SAP IS OIL is the leading integrated solution for the entire value-added chain of the oil and gas industry – from the wellhead to the gas station. SAP IS OIL supports all business processes in the oil & gas industry – from supply chain management to production and logistics planning to integrated process control. Numerous processes in development, procurement, production, sales, and service can be automated and centrally administered with this solution.

With SAP IS OIL, SoftOne provides your employees with standard processes and tools that make their day-to-day activities easier. We consistently supply your employees with the information they need to do their jobs. Because all processes are integrated, productivity in your company increases and your financial results improve.


  • Transparent processes and costs
  • Comprehensive planning and administration of your plant performance
  • Targeted investments in plant development
  • Increasing productivity with decreasing capital and extraction costs
  • High-quality mission-critical KPIs
  • Secure investment


SAP IS Oil Downstream:

  • HPM – Liquid and Gaseous Hydrocarbon Product Management
  • TDP – Tariffs, Duties and Permits
  • EXG – Exchanges
  • TD – Transportation and Distribution
  • MAP – Marketing, Accounting, and Pricing
  • MCOE – Marketing, Contracts, and Order Entry
  • MRN – Marketing Retail Network
  • SSR – Service Station Retailing
  • BDRP – Bulk Distribution Requirements Planning
  • TSW – Trader’s and Scheduler’s Workbench

SAP IS Oil Upstream:

  • PRA – Production and Revenue Accounting
  • JVA – Joint Venture Accounting
  • PSA – Production Sharing Accounting
  • RLM – Remote Logistics Management

Oli & Gas

SCADA System

SoftOne SCADA Solutions help streamline and integrate dispersed assets across the oil and gas wellpad, pipeline and terminal markets.

LNG Terminal

Maximize throughput with efficient scheduling and inventory management utilizing real-time communication with customers.

SAP Products

SAP IS OIL is the leading integrated solution for the entire value-added chain of the oil and gas industry

Industrial IoT

SoftOne IIoT is an open-source Industrial IoT platform (Digital Twins Eclipse Ditto+ IoT Integration + Industrial IIoT Bosch, Siemens Solutions).

SoftOne ERP System

SoftOne ERP System - a system focused on the integrated automation of industrial enterprises

GAS Station Software

Gas station software tracks sales of fuel products, purchases of fuel, store products , store products, lottery, tobacco, alcohol, and more

Intellectual Security System

Technological systems of monitoring and access control for hazardous and industrial areas

Custom Software Development

SoftOne Corp a Microsoft and Oracle certified partner is a OIG technology