Self-Care Portal

SoftOne Self-Care Portal helps to drives infrastructure consolidation by moving to a single self-care platform, which reduces operators’ investment in Capex and Opex. It helps to provide immediate customer experience and satisfaction without any delays. Give subscribers more options to take care of their accounts by providing them with an interactive portal on their smartphone. Subscribers can change rate plans, edit personal information, add new services, and take care of almost every concern, without ever talking to a customer care rep.

SoftOne Self-Care components include

Site – the Company’s public website, accessible to all customers. Contains general information intended for a wide range of visitors. Provides an authorization mechanism to go to the gated portal zone.

Cockpit – subscriber’s office – a section for the Company’s subscribers (available after authorization).

Bus – portal section for business clients of the Company. Contains information oriented to the business segment.

World – Portal section for the Corporate segment of the company. Contains official information, press releases, etc.

Mobile-rs – is a rest-service that implements the API for the operation of mobile devices.

Search-rs is a rest-service that implements a global search for information on the portal.

Admin – admin panel for managing the portal.


  • Detailed visualization and management of contracts & services per line of service.
  • Post-sale operations (service management, contract status, support, ticketing and more).
  • Hierarchical view of customer (customer centric view).
  • New order creation.
  • Tracking in the context of the client and line of service.
  • Renewals.
  • Up-sale/ order modifications.
  • Support and ticketing.
  • Full integration into existing legacy systems.
  • Enable subscribers to view personal data, billing, and account information, plus manage their account 24/7.
  • Manage sms and email-newsletters.
  • Mobile application (Android, iOS).


  • Technology: JavaEE, Spring, Spring MVC, REST, JPA, Hibernate.
  • Application Server: ( Spring Boot Jetty).
  • Library: (Metrics, Lombok, Guava, Groovy-all, Mockito, Jetty-util, Jetty-All, Spring-boot, Spring-webmvc, Spring-io, Spring-web, Jackson, Jackson-annotations, Jackson-databind, Jbanking, Hibernate, Hibernate-ehcache, Commons-collections, Junit-dep, Validation-api, Joda-time, Slf4j-api, Jolokia, AOP Alliance, Flyway, Mysql-connector, Tomcat-juli, Tomcat-jdbc, Dom4j, Xml-apis, Stax, Stax2, Quartz, Thymeleaf-spring4, Thymeleaf-layout-dialect, Thymeleaf-extrasspringsecurity3, Kaptcha, Snakeyaml, Javax, Classmate, Mail, Hamcrest-core, Json-simple, Jquery, Dust, Lodash, Pdfobject, Cw-charcount).


Mobile Service Desk

Full-featured service desk system, with the ability to create a service catalog and control performers.

Internet Data Center

SoftOne ITIL based management, data center efficiency, and state-of-the-art, certified security system are resulted in top notch DC indicators such as availability, efficiency and effectiveness.

Network Solutions

Consulting, Design, Construction, Operation & Optimization. We can share experience and provide best E2E network consulting service

TroubleShooting Software

Increase in performance of your employees and system

BigData Solutions

Processing, management and analytics for large production user bases

Self-Care Portal

Improving customer satisfaction without any delays

Customer Service Management

Increased sales, to improve customer service

AI DDoS Protection System

High-Performance System that detect and mitigate multi-vector DDoS attacks

Service Delivery Platform

Provision network services for subscribers

Resource Inventory

Accounting and Management network equipment

SD-WAN Solutions

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Provision System

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Fault Management System

Consolidated event management across business, IT and DC

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SoftOne deliver scalably distributed LoRaWAN services and software

AI BGP Internet Platform

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Order Management

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