Service Delivery Platform

Service delivery platforms (SDP) – a platform for IP access to the Internet services and provides RADIUS AAA and DHCP services for subscribers.

  • united SDP platform to deliver ip-services
  • performance of service subscriber sessions (> 2 million. Sessions per day,> 1 million instances of service (subscriber connections))
  • optimum utilization of ip-addresses by reducing the lease time to 2 hours
  • scalability and load balancing
  • dSL service provision, FTTB, VoIP, etc

Field Force Management

System for the automation of resource control and management processes of the company, as well as to create conditions for optimization of the divisions of the company subsidiaries are engaged in repair work and service.

  • effective resource management (mobile teams, vehicles, etc.) when performing emergency and planned work
  • ability to control the process of providing the service
  • minimize the “paper” transactions associated with the staff on site
  • optimally choose teams based on the current load and the competence of the participants
  • choose the optimal route for the keys based on arrival
  • control of the cost of care facilities
  • time Prediction eliminate accident
  • operational control of SLA compliance to the client

Resource Inventory and Discovery

Accounting and Management System (telecommunications equipment, office devices, etc.).

  • complete and updated view of the enterprise equipment, which increases the efficiency and performance of the software processes
  • centralized storage infrastructure to provide information about available resources, resource reservation other information systems – reducing operational costs
  • versatility, which allows you to work with the resources of any manufacturer
  • “discovering” feature allows you to automatically poll the active equipment and maintain the topology of network devices.

Fault Management System

Fault Management System helps data center and networking staff to discover, visualize, detect, configure, activate, integrate and remediate your network

  • determination of emergency situations in real time mode
  • automatic classification and prioritization of messages
  • accelerating the identification and resolution of problems
  • improving operational efficiency
  • control of key indicators of network operation
  • infrastructure and services

Provisioning System

Activation system provides automated activation process and service management to customers on the equipment and external information systems.

  • the activation of the service in the shortest period of time possible (minutes)
  • deactivation of the service in the shortest time, prompt release of resources
  • a single script to connect subscribers, which applies to all instances of the service
  • collection and control of the relevance and validity of hardware configurations
  • reduction of errors when activating subscribers’ services through the use of common templates configurations. Reduced operating costs
  • reduction of the fraud risk by restricting access to equipment and monitoring the application configuration

Order Management

Order management system/user’s orders, which allows you to automate complex business processes

  • reducing the time to process the application/order as the result of a decrease of the time for the delivery of services to the subscriber
  • the ability to self-configure and modify the application/order management process, without recourse for the developers.
  • treatment of stroke Transparency subscriber application. Employees at any time can see at what stage is the implementation of the order, who is responsible for the execution of works, what are the results of any phase
  • statistical information for guidance, reflecting different aspects of the processing of applications for connection services to subscribers

Self-Care Portal

Self-Care Portal helps to drive infrastructure consolidation by moving to a single self-care platform, which reduces operators’ investment in Capex and Opex. It helps to provide immediate customer experience and satisfaction without any delays.

  • detailed visualization and management of contracts & services per line of service
  • post-sale operations (service management, contract status, support, ticketing and more)
  • hierarchical view of customer (customer centric view)
  • new order creation
  • tracking in the context of the client and line of service
  • renewals
  • up-sale/ order modifications
  • support and ticketing
  • full integration into existing legacy systems
  • enable subscribers to view personal data, billing, and account information, plus manage their account 24/7
  • manage sms and email-newsletters
  • mobile application (Android, iOS)



15 years of experience in the design and implementation of OSS/BSS solutions (Billing System, CRM, Order Management, Self-Care Portal, SDP, Resource Inventory, Provision System, Fault Management).


We help FinTech providers, financial data vendors, institutions, and banks to envision, fulfill, and protect their clients’ financial dreams (EDI, Trading Portal, Processing Systems, B2B solutions for procurement, Reporting and research solutions, Tax forms automation).


We offer Custom Software Development for Oil & Gas Companies to adopt new industry-specific software system by using new technologies. We develop comprehensive integrated refinery information systems by creating a centralized IT framework using Service-Oriented Architectures (LMS, GIS, Tracking, Risk Management, Monitoring and Control, Accounting, Documentation Management Systems).