AI BGP Routing Internet Platform

AI BGP Internet Platform is a route optimization appliance that improves performance and reduces costs for multi-homed networks. By automatically managing Border Gateway Protocol and re-routing traffic, AI BGP Internet Platform guarantees performance levels for critical applications. AI BGP Internet Platform can now identify traffic by ASN, prefix or application and optimize for cost, performance or a customized blend of the two, proactively manages IP network issues by continually monitoring latency, packet loss, route stability and congestion.

Телеком оператор

The Challenge

The operator had problems with the optimal choice of BGP Internet routes. No performance control. No information about the actual length of routes. (Round Trip Delay). Quality of routes (Packet loss). No capacity management. (Links congestions. Poor/static load balancing) Which led to the complaints of the end customers.

The Solution

Proof-of-Concept (PoC) was developed. Textile in the laboratory. As a result of the implementation of the created system, the operator received a reduction in the cost of traffic for the current uplink. More rapid BGP routes were found, which led to faster loading of pages for users.


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