DDoS Protection system

Terabit DDoS Protection System DPS is a software package for the detection of DDoS attacks and their subsequent treatment. Terabit DPS will help to ensure maximum availability of your network and eliminate any disruptions caused by DoS / DDoS attacks.

Terabit Security

About the Client

Terabit Security is a privately funded technology company with offices in San-Francisco, California and it operates in the EU with the subsidiary in Kyiv, Ukraine. Founded in 2011, Terabit Security is a fast-growing company providing DDoS Protection Solutions, Telecom technology consulting and 24×7 technical support services. Our main goal is creating the product for effective protection against other attacks or other danges in Internet.

The Challenge

The problem was the lack of a convenient web interface for managing the DDoS Protection System. In addition to the visualization graphs, it was necessary to provide the possibility of a complete system configuration via the web interface. At the same time, the performance of the system should remain at the same level.

The Solution

Web application offers single-point DPS management, network monitoring and reporting of data received from Collector, Explorer and Filters deployed within the network: Manage settings notification; Clustering option for performance and redundancy. Sflow capture – up to 10Tbps, traffic mirroring – up to 6.4Tbps; Traffic Capturing (NetFlow, Mirror/SPAN, sFlow); Traffic calculation management; BGP configuration; Network & DDoS Mitigations Blocking parameters; Logging, Notifications, Traffic visualization parameters.


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