Fault Management System

Fault Management System delivers near real-time, consolidated event management across business infrastructure, data centers, complex networks and IT domains. The software provides full management and automation to help you deliver continuous uptime of business services and applications.

Телекоммуникационный оператор

The Challenge

For the company’s management it was important to obtain operational information on the status of all services:

Visualization of SLA failure. Historical reports and metrics of the work of services / services. For engineers: Identifying the root cause refusal. Influence on services is the work of clients. How many problem sheets are at work now? etc.

The Solution

As a result of the implementation, monitoring of telecommunications equipment, IP telephony, servers and services was configured, integration with external systems was performed. The system allowed Identify emergency situations in real time mode. Automatic classification and prioritization of messages. Accelerating the identification and resolution of problems. Improving operational efficiency. Control of key indicators of network operation.


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