Intellectual Wi-Fi Controller

New channel of communication with the client. Sales to the customer who is waiting “in line”. Is free. In a trend for customers, in a trend for companies


The Challenge

The bank needed a new channel of communication with the client. Including, sales to the client, who is waiting “in line.” Obtaining statistics for a specific user: the number of sessions; time spent in the system; branches in which there is a user; viewed advertising pages; clicks on advertising.

The Solution

As a result, a solution was implemented to build free Wi-Fi in the offices. Preparation, configuration, installation of access points; Configuring the system kernel. Deploying a cloud WEB portal; Setting access parameters – shaping speed; Display of banner advertising, registration form, subscription to news of the bank; Complex statistics (personal data of users, presence / absence of subscription to news of the bank, number of users, time, number of clicks on advertising, URL-tracking).


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