TroubleShooting Software System

The system is intended for companies that provide telecoms services and that are interested in raising the efficiency with which they handle customer complaints related to problems that arise in connection with these services. The system's intended users are first-line support operators who receive customer complaints and carry out a preliminary analysis of the problem, and also second-line experts who carry out the specific technical tasks of localizing the issue and solving it.

Телекоммуникационный оператор

The Challenge

There was a need for a TroubleShooting System to automate, analyze and solve service problems. It was necessary to determine what the components of the problem are. Reduce the time spent identifying the source of the problem, ideally perform all the actions necessary to analyze the cause of the problem and solve it while the customer is still on the line.

The Solution

Implementing the system led to improved customer loyalty, which has to result in an expanded customer base and a reduction in spending on technical services.

Reduction of at least 10% in the time spent dealing with customers who contact first-line technical support. Reduction in the number of service visits to customers by 15%. Reduction in the number of repeat contacts to technical support by 12%.


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