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SoftOne предоставляет програмные решения для Smart City. Ключевые сотрудники имеют опыт работы 15лет в с сфере телекоммуникаций, информационных технологий и нефтегазе.

SOFTONE CORP. компания зарегестрированна в Эстонии, Таллин, регистрационный номер 14421372, 15551 Sepapaja 6.

Штаб-Квартира: Эстония, Таллин.
Офис разработки: Украина, Киев и Филиппины, Себу.

Why SoftOne?

Сlient-oriented approach

We value every customer, the even small client is important for us. We don't apply a standard scheme to the development of each project. Instead, we analyze each client’s requirements, business, and budget, to choose the technologies and processes that would be the best fit.

DevOps Philosophy

We use DevOps tools for project and process management, task management, tracking, collaboration, code, build and ship. Atlassian Software (Jira, Confluence, Bitbucket, Hipchat).

Right Process

We rely on simplicity & lean principles for outsourcing process. We build the right model outsourcing, the right process with the best teams.

Rapid Fast

The size of our teams ensures our ability to find engineers and teams that match your timing and budget. We can provide you with development estimates within 48 hours after your request.


An experienced team of professionals that specialize in mobile & web, enterprise applications, design and implementation of IT systems in telecom/finance/oil and gas industry.

Affordable Pricing

Pricing includes all services: salary, recruitment, Human Resources, office space, workstations, IT equipment, but also insurances, health and corporate events.
RND in Ukraine, Kyiv


With over 36,000 tech graduates annually, the majority of Ukrainian software engineers are university educated, and possess English language skills. Ukraine is among leaders on the list of countries with the most engineering graduates, and places 11th as the country with the best software developers.

Time Zones

Ukraine time zone has good overlapping with US & Europe. An often overlooked benefit of outsourcing to Ukraine is the time zone it resides in — with only a 1–2 hour difference from Western Europe, efficient correspondence is very achievable. It’s even perfect for regions such as the East Coast of the U.S., as the morning there is Ukraine’s evening; a client can set a task, go to sleep, and wake up to it completed by a team of Ukrainian software professionals.

A Strong IT Community

Kyiv – is the 1st IT city saturated with strong engineers and powerful IT eco-system. Outsourcing industry in Kyiv has more than 20 years.

The largest pool of developers

Eastern Europe is #1 IT outsourcing destination. Ukraine has a vast talent pool, with over 90,000 IT professionals, in which there are beyond 50,000 software professionals.

Low Corporate Tax/Expenses

Among the world’s technology capitals, Kyiv has great corporate tax rates, at only 2,500/50,000 ($/year), as opposed to cities such as Berlin (11,133/50,000 $/year) and New York (12,352/50,000 $/year).

Moderate Rates for IT Services

Productivity is at an all-time high, but the good news for companies looking to outsource is that the salary level is still far below the Nordics, London, or Silicon Valley. This allows you to get world-leading software development for a lower cost than locally, while still tapping into a ground-breaking sphere of eager, creative engineers.
RND in Philippines, Cebu

Sharpen Focus

Outsourcing your non-core competencies can allow you to focus on developing and growing your business. You can work on innovation and sales, rather than dealing with sometimes petty office problems and operational necessities that don’t add anything to the bottom line.

Professional high-quality services

At present, the size of the total labor force of the Philippines is approximately 29 million with 380,000 to 450,000 college graduates entering the labor force annually. By 2020, Philippine IT outsourcing is set to achieve a $48-billion revenue which would account for 19% of the $250-billion global outsourcing industry.

Impressive English

The Philippines is the third largest English-speaking nation in the world. The country scored more than 7.0 and ranked number 1 in the BRIC Economies beating economic powers such as Japan, Italy, Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, and Chile.

Low Labor Cost

This is the #1 reason companies outsource part of their operations. Not only is the cost of labor typically half of what it is in developed countries, the client does not have to pay for office space, computers, equipment, taxes, HR or legal costs. Labor costs in the Philippines is 60% to 80% less than in the USA, UK and Canada.


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