We help FinTech providers, financial data vendors, institutions, and banks to envision, fulfill, and protect their clients’ financial dreams (EDI, Trading Portal, Processing Systems, B2B solutions for procurement, Reporting and research solutions, Tax forms automation).


15 years of experience in the design and implementation of OSS/BSS solutions (Billing System, CRM, Order Management, Self-Care Portal, SDP, Resource Inventory, Provision System, Fault Management).


We offer Custom Software Development for Oil & Gas Companies to adopt new industry-specific software system by using new technologies. We develop comprehensive integrated refinery information systems by creating a centralized IT framework using Service-Oriented Architectures (LMS, GIS, Tracking, Risk Management, Monitoring and Control, Accounting, Documentation Management Systems).

IT Enterprise

If you wish to transform your present IT landscape into a modern safe cloud organization, SoftOne assist you through all phases of the transformation process, from conceptualization and planning to piloting and implementation.


Combining great expertise and know- how, considerable experience and knowledge of the requirements and conditions of the Shipping and Maritime International market, SoftOne executives are a top-notch team capable of competing and successfully facing the continuing challenges of economic reality.

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